Monday, November 16, 2015

The First 14 Days

Two Week Summary

I now have two weeks of continuous days of running in the bag.  Here are the vital statistics:

Activities: 14
Total duration: 6:45
Average Duration: 0:30
Total distance: 64km
Average distance: 4.6km
Energy: 5540kcal

I need to fight nostalgia because there have been weeks in the past when I have been preparing for a full or half marathon where my weekly totals would definitely eclipse these figures, and I would take a rest day or two.  That being said, I am really pleased to have got to 14 days straight.

The Plan

I have decided to follow a training plan I found on Garmin Connect - Getting Started (Level 2) - and it starts today.  It is only three runs per week plus cross-training.  I will do some of the cross-training, but plan to fill the other four days during the week with recovery-pace runs.  To do this I want to start using my Garmin Forerunner 301XT on "plan days" and the TomTom on the other days.

I really like my TomTom as a tracking and recording device, and I especially like the fact that the software can connect and upload to multiple sites; however, the connection is only one-way.  I prefer my Garmin devices when I am following a training plan because of how well the device is integrated with the web site.  I can select a training plan from GC and send the plan to the device.  If I'm not using a Garmin plan, I can set up my workouts and push them to the device.  With the TomTom, I currently can not program workouts on-line, schedule them and download them.  Hopefully, it is in the works.

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