Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Running Streak - Day 17

It was really tough to squeeze a run in today, but I managed to do it in the middle of the afternoon.  I needed to work through lunch and it was the only window of opportunity that I had.  The run was great.  My pace was faster than it felt and definitely faster than I expected it would be.  It was my first "true" run of the Getting Started plan from Garmin Connect.  Yesterday I figured out what went wrong when trying to download workouts to the Forerunner 310XT (the device was full and I needed to delete all previous workouts), and unlike Monday, I was able to use today's scheduled workout (30min Steady Run in HR zone 3).  I really like using these set-it-and-forget-it workouts; it helps me focus on the running, the environment, life in general, not the watch and definitely not the numbers.  I forgot to bring the electrode gel and ended up with wonky HR readings at the beginning of the run.  I didn't get an accurate reading until I was warmed up, which was around 8:00 in.

The weather was terrific.  It was definitely warmer than yesterday (8C, "felt like" 4C), but no sun.  I was back to shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt, which was ideal, because the wind, while light, felt pretty chilly.  I used the Adizero Mana's again.  I will wear a different pair tomorrow.

In the evening I did a 75 minute Moksha Flow class.  After experimenting with the order quite a few times, I can definitely say that the experience of a run followed by hot yoga (or any yoga) is much better than going for a run after yoga.  Tonight, when I saw who the instructor was going to be, I knew that were going to be in for a hard class. She really worked us.  That being said, the hot yoga was just what I needed because my legs were starting to feel a bit stiff in the mornings.

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