Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Running Streak - Day 9

A great run today at a slightly higher pace.  I think I caught the very last of the sunshine for the week.  I was feeling a bit run-down and hungry, but didn't want to let that get in the way.  With a forecast of 8C, I only brought shorts and a T-shirt, but it was actually closer to 2C with the wind.  Fortunately, I had a vest at work, which helped a bit, but I didn't dare slow down or stop.  Also, all of the locks at the entrance to the Rideau Canal are open now, save for the uppermost one; therefore, I had an extra long hill towards the end - a good replacement for the now-inaccessible West Block parking lot.

Yesterday, I actually read the blog of another guy who did a 100-day running streak (http://benjurko.tumblr.com) and found it really encouraging.  I was impressed with his commitment and the fact that he felt compelled to do many runs when the conditions weren't ideal and he wasn't exactly feeling up to it.  He started his streak in much better overall condition than I did and his run times are much faster than mine.  I believe that I will pick up the pace appreciably over the next few months.  I also believe that his weight training helped him immeasurably.  I should be doing it, too.

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