Monday, November 9, 2015

Running Streak - Days 7 and 8

Day 8
I almost let time run away today.  I kept working through lunch and then realized that my window of opportunity was closing.  It felt really good mentally to get it in.  It was another glorious day 10-11C and sunny.  The wind was low and not as cold as yesterday.  I ran out and back on the pathways along the Ottawa River.  I'm trying to stick to routes that will not be ploughed once the white stuff begins falling.  My options to vary my routes are very limited once winter arrives.

I was out in shorts and at-shirt, which was perfect for me, but nearly everyone I saw was wearing a jacket, tights, gloves and a toque.  People, come on.  If you are bundled up now, you are going to have a tough time acclimatizing a month from now when it is 20 degrees colder.  This is a great opportunity to wear a little less and be ready for actual cold temperatures when they come.

Day 7
Yesterday was really busy, but I managed to shoehorn a run in among church, errands and going to see Spectre.  To be honest, Sunday is the day where I felt the streak is most in jeopardy.  The "Day of Rest" never really ends up being one.  Ironically, the run went off easier than just about every other one I did during the week.  I grabbed my stuff, changed, ran, showered and changed, and then headed to the movie.  It was all rather smooth. 
The run itself was great - I used the gravel bike paths near the house.  It was around 5C in bright sunshine with a pretty cold wind.  With a long sleeve shirt and shorts, I may have been a bit under-dressed, but I felt fine as long as I was moving.  A vest would have been a good idea.  I'm not stiff or sore.  With my activity level increasing and winter coming (i.e. humidity dropping), I'm finding that I need to drink more water - something I will work on this week.

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