Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Running Streak - Day 3

There was no chance I would get out for a run at lunch today, so I broke out the reflectors and some warmer clothes (thermal base shirt, tech t-shirt and long pants) and ran to the corner and back.  For me, the corner is around 2km away.  It felt great to run in cooler temperatures (2C) and watch the sun come up.  This was the view when I was done.

I'm not convinced that three days can really be called a streak.  That being said, I'm hard-pressed to figure out at what point it morphs into one.  I believe that it is in the early days when a streak is most vulnerable. After all, it's pretty easy to jettison one streak and start another one if one is not terribly invested with only a few runs in.  I suspect that my motivation to persevere will be higher once I'm in double digits and there is more at stake.

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