Monday, November 23, 2015

Running Streak - Day 22

I was on the treadmill this evening, and no, it was not 11:30PM.  For this run, I had a whole bunch of things going on.  I found my Garmin transmitter/Polar HR strap combo* over the weekend and I paired it with my 310XT to use tonight.  I clipped the Garmin footpod on my NB Minimus WT20GG2's.  I picked up a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and used them with my phone to complete Mission 3 in Zombie Run!  Finally, I used a 30 minute hilly preset workout on the treadmill that  I actually rather liked.  It really pushed me more than grinding out steady minutes.  I wasn't very distracted by all of the technology, except the earbuds because they kept nearly falling out.  Gotta find a solution for that.

The WT20GG2's are starting to feel good on my feet.  I think it is a case where I am adjusting to the shoes more than the shoes are adjusting to me.  My best guess at a reason is that there is hardly anything to them.  I think I should be OK to start using a flatter shoe from now on.  Yet another experiment...

* I learned this trick from DC Rainmaker and numerous accounts on the Garmin forums. The transmitter from the Garmin premium strap, which caused me (and many others) no end of discomfort, fits perfectly on the Polar strap, which is very comfortable.  Very highly recommended.

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