Monday, November 23, 2015

Running Streak - Day 21

The closest call to date.  I was busy with other work today and couldn't run until well past 11:00PM, managing to squeak in 20 minutes on the treadmill that finished at 11:59PM - not exaggerating.  I must have missed the start button on my TomTom, and the treadmill's opinion on how far or fast anyone runs leaves much to be desired, but I managed to record the run for posterity in (What else?) Zombies, Run!  I finished Mission 2 today - no zombie chases, but I picked up quite a few items.  Abel Township is growing quite nicely.

The run was just a checkmark run.  20 minutes at an easy pace to get the run in for the day.  I'm feeling stronger and a light day every once in a while must be good for recovery.  I have been doing many, many hours of work on the computer over the past couple of days and tonight my neck went on strike.  It was nearly totally seized by the time I tore myself from my desk to run, and just after I started on the treadmill, it loosened it up straight away.  I love the side benefits that running offers.

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