Saturday, December 26, 2015

Running Streak - Days 53, 54 and 55

Day 55

After a day of Boxing Day shopping, I managed to grab the last bit of daylight today for a run.  I wore reflectors, even though I was running on a cinder path where motorized vehicles are prohibited, and brought the headlamp.  I'm glad I did because I was starting to notice that the lamp was making a difference, even at twilight.  The reflectors are useful when the paths cross well-traveled roads with high speed limits.

I proved today that one can run after a heavy meal.  I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and I probably won't eat until tomorrow morning.  My body will need some time to fight off what I just did to it.  The run definitely helped.

The temperature dropped from near tropical highs over the past three days to 3C with a light, albeit cold, breeze from the east.  I wore long sleeve tech shirt, vest and nylon pants, just enough to block the wind.  No need for an insulating layer... yet.  I think Winter is coming tomorrow, but the funny thing is that the days just started getting longer.

Day 54

Merry Christmas.  I had a great Christmas morning and then on to the turkey dinner.  The turkey was cooked the night before, so the fuss was minimal.  I went for a great 30 minute run on the paths before heading to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which was awesome).  While running I decided to switch from the marathon on April 30 to the half marathon.  This streak is going so well without investing gobs of time that I think it's best to start back with something a little more realistic and I really love the half marathon distance.

It was still uncharacteristically nice weather: 8C with a decent wind from the east.  I was in a short sleeve tech shirt, vest and shorts.  I pulled out the K'Swiss Blade Lights and decided that I am going to switch to them once the Adizero Mana's have had it.  The K-Swiss only have just over 200km on them.  The just might take me through to the end of half marathon training at the end of April.

Day 53

Today was out of this world.  It hit 16C and was sunny...  on Christmas Eve.  All kinds of weather records were smashed today.  There was a period where the winds gusted up to 60km/h and a large number of households on east, south and western edges of the city lost power, including mine.  The power was off here from 11:00AM until 8:00PM.

I didn't let the weather go to waste and got in a 30 minute run in the early afternoon.  I also got in a bunch of yard cleanup once I returned.  It was short sleeves and shorts, naturally, and sunglasses because the wind was blowing all kinds of stuff around.  The trees along the path couldn't provide enough of a wind break.

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