Sunday, December 27, 2015

Running Streak - Day 56

Summer weather is officially over.  I woke this morning to ice pellets after freezing rain overnight.  By the time I started, the temperature had just dropped below zero.  I knew full well that morning was going to be my only opportunity to get a run in; hence, I had to go for it.  From 16C two days ago to this today...

Ice covered road
No good footing anywhere

Since it was near 0C with very light wind, I didn't need to bundle up, but I did have to protect myself against the ice pellets from above and the slush and water from below.  On top, I wore a jacket, nylon pants, Gore Tex cap and gloves.  I only needed a long sleeve tech shirt and shorts as a base layer. Since the tread on the Adizero Mana's is pretty much completely bald, I chose the K-Swiss Blade Lights for traction, but they have drainage holes through the mid-sole.  The holes, coupled with cotton socks (bad choice), meant my feet were wet after 5 minutes.

The run went as well as can be expected.  The footing was terrible.  I had a choice between crusty slush, slushy water or partially frozen mud.  I just slowed down and kept the pace steady.  After 20 minutes the ice pellets stopped and turned to lights snow.  At least my face wasn't stinging anymore.  On the better cared-for roads over the second half of the route, the roads were more wet than slushy or icy and I could pick up the pace a little bit.  I finished and recovered well and hit a well-deserved warm shower.

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