Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Running Streak - Day 31

I've been trying to figure out the best definition of one month.  It could be 28 days because it is four 7-day weeks.  Even though November is 30 days long, it cannot be not 30 days because I started on November 2, i.e. no running on November 1.  Today is December 2, Day 31, and I have settled on it as the best marker for one month.  I am more than a little surprised that I made it this far, and I am going to enjoy looking back on January 1 to see that I ran every day of a 31-day month.

Again I had to get the run in on the treadmill, but this time it was before 11:00PM.  I had all of my stuff packed and stowed in a locker, ready for a run at lunch (intervals, no less), but I needed to finish something that came up at work without warning.  It was the right thing to do.  I planned on running longer this evening, but thought better of it because I need to start getting more sleep.  I did a weight check this morning and I was up a little bit from last time.  I am pretty certain that it is from not getting enough sleep.

The 20 minute pre-set workout was good enough.  I focused on cadence and posture.  I tend to slouch when I run and I need to keep my head up.  For this reason, I went with listening to a podcast rather than reading.  It worked well.  Ironically, I listened to part of The Problem with Treadmilling from Phedippidations.  I agree with what Steve presented; there is a certain emptiness when running and there is nothing moving around you - air, light, scenery.  That being said, it sounds like his treadmill is loaded with much more gadgetery than mine, which means there are more distractions.  The one I run on is older and much less sophisticated: 4 LCD numeric displays, 6 pre-set workouts, no interfaces to any other equipment.  Also, being a bit of a data hound, I don't tend to pay attention to the display because I do not trust the accuracy of any of the numbers.  I wear a GPS watch set to indoor/treadmill mode and a footpod.  It's moderately better, but still far from perfect.  As long as the motor is good and it can change the elevation, I see no need for something zippier.

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