Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Running Streak - Day 52

It was super busy at work this week, hence the string of late night runs.  I worked a 3-day week that felt like 5.  I am really looking forward to some holidays.  Tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 16C under mostly sunny skies.  I thought the weather in November and early December was crazy, but 16C and sunny on Christmas Eve is beyond description.

Tonight I felt like a bit of a distraction on the treadmill.  I loaded up an episode of the X-Files (season 2, episode 10 - Red Museum - for those of you keeping score at home) on Netflix and set the machine for 9:30min/mile and an incline of 2%.  The lowest setting is 1.5%, but it can be a bit noisy.  Setting it at 2% eliminates about 80% of the belt and deck noise.

Since I started close to 10:30PM, I was only looking to check the box and put in just less than 25 minutes.  I felt great and I will have no problem going off the sleep.  That being said, my average HR was in the neighbourhood of 120bpm (solid HR reading tonight, BTW).  I definitely need to start pushing myself a bit harder.  I looked at the graphs on Strava and can't figure out how my pace drops over the course of the session despite me never changing the speed of the treadmill.  Hmmm.