Thursday, December 10, 2015

Running Streak - Day 39

Another absolutely stunning day, weather-wise.  A lunch with some former colleagues was cancelled, but fortunately I had my running stuff with me at work and was able to get out shortly before 1:00PM, when it was 10C.  Being so warm, I was out in my long sleeve Army Run tech shirt and shorts, which was ideal.  I was contemplating going with short sleeves, but as it turned out, there was a pretty stiff westerly wind and I was glad to have something covering my arms.

Apart from knowing that I wanted to run The Bridges, I had no objectives for time or intensity.  My plan was to enjoy the weather and the undulating route.  I've been saying that pretty soon I will be confined to the flat pathway beside the Rideau Canal at lunch, but the forecast is now saying that it will not be that soon; there is only one day in the long range forecast where it below 0C.  I wonder is we are looking at a green Christmas.

I have been trying to sort out my Tomtom HRM and I'm not winning.  I shorted out the battery in the transmitter pod and the watch picked it up right away.  I'm still showing spikes in the readings at the beginning of my run (see graph below of today's run).  If you look back on all of my other runs with the Tomtom, you will see the same behaviour.  My Garmin Forerunners do not tend do this, at least not as consistently.

Graph depicting spike in heart rate readings in first 10 minutes of activity
Heart Rate Spike
I have now followed all of my own advice, but nothing has solved it yet.  Since the readings are normal after the spike, there is an indication that normal operation is possible.  I have apparently eliminated the strap as a cause because the readings are the same with the Tomtom strap and the Polar strap (perhaps I should try the Garmin strap?); therefore, in my small mind, it must be the transmitter pod.  It's really frustrating because I rather like the unit.  I will start interrogating Mr. Google to see what he can offer.

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