Monday, December 14, 2015

Running Streak - Days 41 and 42

I'm going to combine the blog entry for days 41 and 42 because the runs were identical in every respect: 20 minutes on the treadmill using the same pre-set hill workout starting at 11:30PM.  The weather outside was beautiful.  It was mostly cloudy and 14C on Saturday; 5C on Sunday.  I took advantage of the good weather to get some work done in the yard and on the outside of the house that didn't get done in the Summer.  That work, coupled with other prior commitments, meant that I would be on the treadmill late at night again, which is no big deal, except that I'm starting to feel tired.

I discovered that my Forerunner 310XT is simply not suited to running indoors.  It is taking a long time to "boot" up and there is no Indoor Mode that other models have.  Saturday's run was captured as having happened on April 1, 2007.  In its defense, a hard reset is probably long overdue.  Periodic hard/soft resets are, in my opinion, a critical part of maintaining these devices (from all manufacturers).  I can't explain it; I have just come to accept it.  An interesting finding... There was no HR spike when using the Garmin.  I forgot the chest strap for the other run where I used the Tomtom.

I calculated how many days that this streak is supposed to run.  I cannot believe, given my nature, that I had not done this earlier.  November 2 to January 1 is 61 days, inclusive, which means that, as of today, I am now 2/3 of the way.  My Sunday School class thinks I should extend the streak to 100 days, with a new end date of February 9.  I'm not making the call right now, but with 41 runs behind me and no ill effects, 100 days is looking awfully tempting.

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