Monday, December 7, 2015

Running Streak - Day 35

I did things the way I wanted (yesterday*) and was out the door around 7:00AM.  I fully intended  to just run out-and-back for 25 minutes to check the box for the day.  As I was getting to my turnaround point, I was feeling great and did a time check to see if I could run a few extra minutes and still make it to church on time.  Once I figured out that I could, I decided to run the entire loop (nearly 6.5km, or 4 miles).  I really like this loop and haven't run it in a long time.

The weather has been nearly the same weather three days in a row (this morning was cloudy with a slight westerly wind and 4C).  Again I went for the same long sleeve tech shirt, nylon vest and shorts, what was ideal.  I started out a little slower that yesterday and felt progressively better as the run went on.  I actually ended up negative splitting every kilometer.  Now that I have added an interval session each week, I need to add a long run.  I will look ahead to the marathon training plan I selected for the Spring to see where I need at the start and then work back from there.  I'm willing to bet that I could already handle 60 minutes of long, slow distance.

* I wrote down some point form notes after the run and immediately forgot to come back to turn them into complete sentences.  Running is definitely feeling more like part of the daily routine than an event.

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