Friday, December 4, 2015

Running "Streak" - Day 32

It was not a great day, running-wise.  I'm claiming that the streak is still alive, but just barely and mostly on principle.  I didn't get in 20 minutes, which disqualifies me according to the rules I set.  Since I am the judge in this, however, and since this experience has brought about change, I am declaring that the spirit of the streak is alive because the streak is clearly accomplishing what I intended: to create intentional consistency in my training.

The day completely ran away with me and I found myself finally returning home after having  left the house well before 8:00AM, and finally being settled around 10:30PM.  The late arrival, coupled with too many late nights trying to keep the streak going, took its toll and I fell asleep on the couch while getting ready to run.  I somehow woke up just before midnight and hopped on the treadmill, barefoot and wearing an undershirt and track pants.  Not a pretty picture.

This was a cathartic moment.  I'm done with the 11:00PM runs.  You can see by my training log that I did more late treadmill runs in the last week than I did in the first three weeks.  The increased activity, loss of sleep and busyness of life has got me running on fumes.  I also noticed that the loss of sleep is actually causing me to gain weight.  I realize that I have been reacting to my schedule, and I now need to be proactive; therefore, I need to start forcing myself to get to bed early and to rise early so that I can run in the morning.  I will run at lunch tomorrow and then start morning runs on Saturday.

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