Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Running Streak - Day 44

When I checked the temperature in the morning, it was 9C with moderate winds and a "feels like" of 6C, which would have been great.  As it turns out, my 1:00PM, when I started my run, it was 5C with strong winds (gusts of up to 35km/h) and a "feels like" of 0C.  Sadly, I didn't check before I left and dressed for the morning conditions.  It wasn't horrible, but man, in shorts, long sleeve shirt and vest, it felt cold. 

Since there was nothing on the plan for me today and the 6 day delay had passed for the next Zombies, Run! mission had passed, I decided to let the mission parameters dictate the duration of the run: 41 minutes, no problem.  I ran an out-and-back on the Ottawa River again, getting to just past Parkdale before turning around.  The curious thing is that I ran almost the same distance as yesterday - I even turned around at the same set of benches - and yesterday it felt much more difficult.  When I checked the data at the end of the run, I ran only 5 seconds slower per kilometer than my average pace yesterday.  5:42min/km shouldn't feel much different than 5:36, but it did.  I can't explain it. 

Another weird thing is that I had no HR data from the run.  I guess the transmitter on the strap never connected to the receiver in the watch.  It would have been great to have HR data to compare the effort between the two runs.  After the run was over today, I stopped the workout and put it into Treadmill mode as I walked around the building*.  The connectivity was fine.  Again, I can't explain the problem.

* I discovered that if I have it in Treadmill mode and don't start a workout, I can see my HR in BPM, which is really useful in recovery as I walk around to cool down.  My HR isn't visible in Run mode before starting a workout.

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