Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Running Streak - Day 66

I ran today with no iPod or phone to distract me, so my mind went to where it normally goes: numbers.  I tend to do a lot of mental math to wile away the time.  Once I had run 20 minutes, I hit 108% of my original goal, 20% of my #RORunStreak goal, and 66% of 100 consecutive days of running, which is now my new goal.  I'm amazed that I feel as good as I do and I am really surprised that there hasn't been even a hint of knee pain or anything else that would do me in. 

It was really good to get outside again. The weather was much warmer than yesterday (-5C under sunny skies and no wind) and I was completely over-dressed.  I left off the neck gaiter and thermal long sleeve shirt, and still ended up with an un-zipped jacket and carrying my toque and gloves by the half-way point.  I had that same tired feeling today that I had yesterday, but it left much sooner and the run after that felt great.  I seem to recall that similar runs at the beginning of the streak were around 45 seconds/km slower at an HR of 20bpm higher than what I clocked today.  Things are definitely on an upward trajectory.

One other thing... It looks like the duct tape under the insole is working.  The warmer temperature meant that the salt was actually working in melting the ice, and there was a bunch of water and slush on the pathways and sidewalks today.  My feet were warm and dry again.  Duct tape is going into my runners toolbox from now on.

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