Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Run Ottawa Running Streak - Day 26

Today was another entry in the journal of Ottawa's wacky weather.  Under overcast skies, the temperature hit 5C and I made the most of it by wearing shorts.  Every year I try to see if I can (safely and comfortably) get out for a run wearing shorts at least once every month.  Today was it for January.  Let's see if an opportunity arises in February.  Last February, it was impossible because it was well below -20C every day.  Speaking of wacky, I saw a guy in shorts yesterday when it was -5C, but no one in shorts today when it was 10 degrees warmer.  Go figure.

Shorts and snow
An interval session was in the calendar for today: 10 minutes warm up, 5 minutes in Z4/1:15 recovery x 4, cool down to taste.  I'm fully convinced that my HR zones are messed up in the FR610.  I have been trying to apply a firmware update - unsuccessful as yet - that has a remedy for using downloaded workouts, which I'm using, with custom HR zones, which I have configured in my GC profile.  I ignored the constant chirping and held the work portions at a higher than normal pace, but one that I knew I could hold for 5 minutes.  The workout sped by; I was surprised at how quickly I seemed to arrive at the end.  Afterwards I was thinking that I could have gone harder.  During the afternoon, I didn't feel any more fatigued than I would have after any other run.  I will keep that in mind for Thursday's fartlek.

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