Monday, January 18, 2016

Run Ottawa Run Streak - Days 15-17

The weekend was really full and I was on the treadmill late Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  The weather was not especially bad for running.  It actually was quite mild on Saturday.  The problem was my schedule.  I couldn't pull away from the office on Friday at noon, which was my original plan, but there was a fire alarm at work and I had some hard deadlines to meet.  The evacuation goggled up time I needed to get those particular tasks done, and I ended up working through lunch.  Saturday and Sunday were just plain busy.

I did three different workouts:
  1. Friday - 40 minutes, maximum elevation 10%, maximum pace, 5:00/km (used the Adizero Mana's)
  2. Saturday - 30 minutes, maximum elevation 8%, maximum pace, 5:00/km (used the NB WT20GG2's)
  3. Sunday - 36minutes and change (huh?), maximum elevation 8%, maximum pace, 5:00/km (used the NB WT20GG2's)
The Friday workout is one that I haven't done before.  I really wanted to run a little longer than the usual 30 minutes.  To be completely open, it's just not doing it for me.  I felt great and swore that I will start using this one more often.  I immediately ditched that idea on Saturday night and did the workout was the same pre-set workout that I have been doing lately.  It was getting really late and I wanted to get to bed.  I felt really good after that one.  The pain I was experiencing in my lower back has gravitated to my right hip.  It took a few minutes before it loosened up.

By Sunday night, I was really tired and initially thought I would just do 20 minutes so that I could just "check the box".  I ended up selecting 30 minutes again - gotta stop doing that - and thought that maybe I would just step off at 20 minutes.   At just before the 7 minute mark, I accidently hit the cord for the safety key, knocking it out, and shut down the treadmill.  I re-started the 30 minute workout and ended up doing the whole thing.  I really don't like the treadmill, but I managed to finish season 2 and watch the first episode of season 3 of The X-Files.

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