Sunday, January 10, 2016

Run Ottawa Run Streak - Days 7-9

I was trying to record every run in a blog post during the original streak.  To be honest, I found it to be a bit difficult, especially when the days were busy.  I will produce a mini-digest of runs every few days going forward, unless something particularly remarkable happens (like that has happened so many times already).

Day 9

It was warm (1C) and rainy today, and slush abounded.  The good news is that the duct tape in the shoes solution is a verifiable success.  There was so much water on the ground, yet my feet stayed dry.  I went a little lighter on the clothes, but clothing choice is always tough when it is raining and the temperature is around freezing.  One has to avoid over-heating while trying to stay dry.

I took it very easy today pace-wise because I planned on doing another MCT workout after I was back at the house.  To be completely open, I was still feeling stiff from Thursday's workout, but I did it anyway.  The four exercises were: elevated push-up, squat pulse, bird dog and superman.  I managed to hold the superman for the entire 50 seconds each time, but I tweaked my back in the process, which really messed up the rest of my day.  I think I need to dial back the intensity a bit.

Day 8

I joined a new Endomondo challenge, "Cold? So what?" where a qualified activity must be 5km in distance and 30 minutes in duration.  Until today, I grasped the first criterion and somehow missed the second.  the ironic thing is that running 5km in November would have taken me longer than 30 minutes.  Now, not so much.  I ran outside yesterday and the day before, but I finished the 5.2 km route under 30 minutes so neither day counted.  Today I made sure to run a little longer to add one to my count.

Another development is that I bought a "Value Pack" of race entries for the 2016 MEC Race Series.  I bought the King of the Road (and Trail!) pack of all six races for $75.  Bam, instant race calendar for the year.  The deal is available until January 30 or when the value packs sell out, whatever comes first.  I have my first race at the end of the month.  I selected the 10km event, but may drop to the 5km.

Day 7

I did the same 5.2k loop as Day 6.  The paths were even clearer and the run went great,  It was much warmer than Monday, which made for a really comfortable run.  I tried out my Mizuno Breath Thermo Heavyweight long sleeve short.  It is really comfortable and perfectly ventilated.  I was into the wind on the out part of the loop and had the wind at my back on the return, and the shirt seemed to adjust to my body temperature.  Normally, I am used to being a bit cold with the wind in my face and a little over-heated with it at my back.  Core temperature-wise, I felt great on each leg.  Mizuno really nailed it with this line of clothing.

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