Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Run Ottawa Run Streak - Day 27

Last night  I finally successfully applied the latest firmware updates to my Forerunner 610 after two attempts on different computers.  (I have two ANT+ USB sticks.)  I always like to be at the latest release, but this one was especially important because it remedied a defect relating to the use of custom HR zones, which I happen to use.  To get the update to work, I ended up having to delete the 610 from both my Garmin Express and Garmin Connect profiles and re-adding it to Garmin Express, which added it automagically in Garmin Connect.  Once the device connected to the PC, GE/GC detected the need for an update and 30 minutes later the 610 was running the latest version.

Apparently the update worked because today's run in the calendar - a 30 minute easy run in HR zone 2 - displayed the zone and recorded the data perfectly.  This was especially evident by the fact that it was not chirping at me the whole time.  When using Garmin training plans on former Forerunners, the HR in BPM was displayed and I got used to seeing it.  I don't know whether it is the device or the plan, but the zone is displayed, which I much rather prefer.

The run was absolutely terrific.  The schedule called for easy and it actually felt easy.  If the streak has done nothing else (and I believe that it has helped in a number of ways), it has helped me establish a very solid aerobic base.  I set out in zone 2 and held it there easily the whole time.  My gait felt effortless.  My recovery was fast.  I think back to what my runs were like during the first couple of weeks in November when I started the streak, and none of them felt this good.  If one looks back on my HR, pace, distance and perceived effort, it is clear that I have come a long way.  It feels great.

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